Sand Sandals

The unique design of the handcrafted shoes and vibrant colors was captivating. The shoes are made for all walks of life whether you want a wedge heel, a flat casual shoe or just a plain sandal for your comfort. The diversity of the shoe is made for every women and men that want simplicity and comfort. “The biggest satisfaction for me is to see my customers wear art and walk with pride!” 

Sand Sandals no podía evitar compartir la belleza de los zapatos hechos a mano. Los detalles únicos de los diseños y colores vibrantes eran cautivadores. Los Zapatos están hechos para todos los ámbitos de la vida: Si quieres uno con “Tacón de Cuña”, un zapato “Casual Plano” o simplemente una sandalia “Lisa”para tu comodidad. La diversidad del zapato está hecha para todas las mujeres y hombres que quieren sencillez y comodidad.  "La mayor satisfacción para mí, es ver a mis clientes lucir arte y caminar con orgullo". 

Why Choose Us?

We provide stylish and comfortable leather shoe for the family. We value and respect our customers by ALWAYS providing the best service.  Sand Sandals takes pride on the work created by Mexican Artesanos who create art and uniqueness. 

The Journey of Sand Sandals...

Sandy Barajas

Store Owner

Sandy Barajas is the founder of SAND SANDALS. At an early age she experienced the tough lessons of life that taught her responsibility, hard work and perseverance. Tough love molded her to be the woman that she is today. Facing so many obstacles in her early years’ teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and gangs she knew she had two choices in life. Either continue to be part of a statistic or do something to change the situation and be a success story. In the ordeal of life her decision to go back to school and get her high school diploma was her number one priority. “This exposed me to a world of knowledge.” There were no limits in the sky, the only obstacle was me and my decisions.” She learned the art of giving back. She served many years volunteering her time to non-profits that worked with minority groups. Her biggest influence was the women from MANA de San Diego where she served as mentor to young Latinas in Jr & High School. She participated in several boards and leadership groups throughout San Diego County which exposed her to see the needs of the communities.

Years later all that hard work turned into a passion to live life with heart. She took on the most rewarding hobby, traveling. She began her travels around Mexico in 2009 where she was truly exposed to her culture. In her years of travels, she became infatuated with the arts, vibrant colors, food and the music of her country. Coming to the United States at only months old she never really felt that connection to her roots. “I traveled to gain knowledge of what existed out there, a sense of knowing who I was.” In her journey she developed the urge to share a bit of the beautiful artisanal world. It was that one trip that she fell in love with the beautiful hand made shoes. “I will never forget that pair of wedges, I wore for 14 hours one day.” She knew she had found her new venture. Not only were the shoes beautiful and vibrant but comfortable. This is where the journey began.

Sandy Barajas es la fundadora de “SAND SANDALS”. A una edad temprana experimentó las duras lecciones de vida que le enseñaron su responsabilidad, trabajo duro y perseverancia. El amor duro la moldeó para ser la mujer que es hoy. Enfrentando tantos obstáculos: Un embarazo en la adolescencia, violencia doméstica y pandillas. Sabía que tenía dos opciones en la vida: O continúas siendo parte de una estadística o haces algo para cambiar la situación y ser una historia de éxito.

Al llegar a los Estados Unidos con sólo unos meses de edad, nunca sintió realmente esa conexión con sus raíces. "Viajé para obtener conocimiento de lo que existía, una sensación de saber quién era yo".  En su viaje, desarrolló el impulso de compartir un poco del hermoso mundo artesanal. Precisamente en ese viaje fue que Sandy se enamoró de los hermosos zapatos hechos a mano.  "Nunca olvidaré ese par de zapatos de cuña que usé durante 14 horas".  Ella sabía que había encontrado su nueva empresa. Los zapatos no sólo eran hermosos y vibrantes, si no también cómodos. Aquí es donde comenzó la historia.  

Sand Sandals is the place for them beautiful embroidered blouses, masks and killer huaraches. I enjoy gifting my loved ones with items from there as I know they won’t be disappointed with their gift. I am a believer in shopping local, supporting small businesses and buying from friends. They are also strong advocates and supporters of local charities around the community and are a true homegrown community shop. 

 Wicho Your neighborhood DJ #dalegas

Wicho The Neighborhood DJ
I absolutely love my shoes, so comfortable and stylish, they go with almost everything!! I couldn’t just get one pair, ended up getting three!!
Alma Ortega- Nava
I am in love with the shoes I bought!! For being a wedge, they are sooo comfortable and I can wear them all day without my feet getting tired. They go great with dresses, as well as with jeans. Sandy provided excellent customer service.
Elizabeth Escobar


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